Drone Racing League gets a $1 million boost.

The Drone Racing League aims to take drone racing and sell it as a spectator sport that crosses professional gaming and formula one style speed in a package that spectators can get fully involved with.

They have designed their own FPV racing quadcopters that can do a quarter mile faster than a Porsche 911

It is a serious company and one that may give the drone racing sport a huge boost. Nick Horbaczewski who is the CEO of the drone racing league has previous experience putting together sorting competitions and promoting them. He came from the Tough Mudder endurance racing company. Whats more Stephen Ross – the owner of the Miami Dolphins obviously thinks they have what it takes as he has just invested $1,000,000 in the league.


The League hopes to not only push the sport forward but aims to monetize it with high quality well produced video of the events as well as getting the spectators as close as possible to the action by piping the FPV feeds to them.

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