Eachine Aurora

The Eachine Aurora looks awesome! Brush less motors mean a real step up in power from the cheaper micro quads. Its reasonably prices at around £120 making this a genuine Tiny Whoop Killer.

Unfortunately I haven’t got this one yet to test but hopefully I will soon and I will post a review of this promising  little quad.


Buy it the Eachine Aurora here

In the meantime checkout this video review of the eachine Aurora from UAVFutures:


And this video of the Eachine Aurora powering round an underground car park (with a crash!)


Eachine Aurora 90

Purchase link: ...

Eachine Aurora 90 Brushless Mini FPV Drone Flight Test Review

This tiny quadcopter actually has brushless motors that give it more than enough power (maybe too much 😉 Buy it here https://goo.gl/qT1VU8 Although powerful ...

Eachine Aurora 90

Add this to the emerging indoor brushless category. Bigger motors...more metal and weight. How does it handle? Product page: http://bit.ly/2lnK7C0 ...

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