Eachine E010C

The Eachine E010C is probably the best way for a beginner to try their hand with FPV flying. Its certainly the cheapest.

The Kit comes with the Eachine E010 quad and a camera Plus attachment to connect it. There is no Soldering required. Notably, it also comes with its own controller. This would be a negative for a more advanced pilot who will more than likely have their own transmitter which they wouldn’t be able to use, but for a beginner, you can try yiur hand for about £30 and the only other thing that you need is a screen or headset which start at about £40 for the Eachine VR007 headset which is a bargain.

If you have your own transmitter already then you might be better off going for the Eachine E010S which is an upgraded E010C with better motors and comes in 3 models which bind to the common transmitters. If you have the FS-I6s FlySky controller, that won’t work for you though and you would need to build your own Tiny Whoop like Quad (I know because that’s what I had to do. Stay tuned for the upcoming build guide)


The E010c has 2 modes low and high rate but both are really level mode. – so no acro mode flying on this one, again, you would need to upgrade to the Eachine E010s at least for that

Get this Quad here:



How to upgrade the controller on the E010c:

Here is a good little review and flight test of the E010c

Another Eachine E010C review:

And finally some cool footage of an outdoor flight with the E010c using the Eachine VR007 FPV Goggles:

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Eachine E010C - Beginner FPV

E010C: ...

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