Eachine E010S Review

Eachine E010S


Firstly WOW! The Eachine E010S drone costs less than £40 and is awesome.  If you are looking at a Tiny Whoop style drone that you can fly indoors and out in the right conditions then this one will be hard to beat for the price.

Its basically an upgraded Eachine E010C with more powerful motors and an upgraded battery. The camera is the same and the frame is styled slightly differently. The real difference is that it comes in 3 modes that will bind to the most popular transmitters. Whereas the E010C comes with its own controller and won’t bind to the standard radios, this one comes with an F3_EVO flight controller with built in recievers. The E010C has 2 flight modes that are both auto levelling, the E010S has a ‘REAL’ flight controller that lets you fly it properly in rate/acro mode.

BEWARE though that if you have the newer FlySky Fs-i6s, you will not be able to fly this with it as the inbuilt receiver only supports AFHDS and not the newer AFHDS 2A protocol which is the only one that the Fs-i6S uses. Its a shame because that is an amazing entry level transmitter that can be used as a controller for flight sims with only a usb cable and the Eachine E010S is a fantastic quad for the price – I can’t recommend it enough.


If you have ever wanted to give FPV quad flying a serious go where you would consider buying your own goggles and transmitter then the eachine e010s may be the quad to start with. If you want to save even more then the eachine e010c may be a good option as it comes with its own basic transmiter but bear in mind that it is a lot less powerful and you will need to replace the transmitter immediately if you want to move up.


Eachine E010S Tiny Whoop!

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